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2009 – 2012

Every person on the presented photographs has been tortured by militiamen, and practically no one of the torturers has been yet punished. As you get into the militia department, you may find yourself in danger of being tortured or beaten for rejection of giving the statements they want you to. You might be innocent or a passerby, or aggrieved, or just being disliked by an officer.
You might get tortured in perverted ways (electric shock torture, hanging on scrap, suffocation by gasmask, etc.), beaten, deprived of sleep or food, or be locked in a cell where you’ll be smashed by prisoners; you’ll be refused of legal protection and won’t be allowed any visitors: no lawers, no defenders or parents. But most importantly, you’ll be deprived of your personal integrity and dignity.
Number of tortured increasing year by year and estimate their number is almost impossible. But people are killed in the militia department in Ukraine: In 2009 there were 21 found dead and in 2010 already 51, that is not enough objective measure because many cases remain unknown. Another indicator – the number of calls the ambulance to a militia department – it amount is two calls a week