Retaken Land

soil, water, glass, paper
16 x 20 cm
7 pieces

What is the value of each part of the land, the area retaken by us in this war? What are victories worth? After all, for every victory, for every meter of land, a fighter could either shed blood, lost his health, or give his life. It is easy for a civilian to call for offensives or assaults from a safe distance; angry with the enemy success. But to those who fight, to the military, it is clear what each offensive is worth, what every part of the retaken land is worth.
This is the soil I brought from seven of the nine assaults I’ve been on. It is placed in christmas snowballs, on the bottom of which are my drawings with schemes of these assaults. When you shake them in your hands, that small area, for which we fought, openned. And then that soil fall down, covering those battles for the next one.

Due to security restrictions temporary the sculptures from this project are not available to demonstrate.

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