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I was among the Ukrainians, who created Maidan in Kyiv in 2013-2014. We proved that fear exists only in our imagination, we can absolutely everything, if we want.
People was able to overthrow the criminal president, my country make its European course, and most important that we prove that the basis is always values in us.
I’ve looked at the people and did not recognize them… turns out I lived with them all the time. Near the brave, kind, active, fearless people. They took up a wooden bat and went to Hrushevskoho street, they were in the infirmary, they prepare stones to throw, they fed the tired and injured colleagues. Now that our war in Ukraine, I am even more proud that I live with people who know the price of freedom.
In my photoes is the life of Maidan. Throughout his truthfulness, kindness and cruelty, balancing on the brink of tragedy and holiness… I am not overlook even a second that spent there, I want to keep my face Ukrainian light in my photos and my heart.
We are no longer alone, we have great sea, where every drop is important. Together we want to raise a wave of any height.
Tells you my story with photos with great respect.