{ Kyiv. Panoramas ]
{ Kyiv is in a transitional state of construction - the city is rapidly being renewed and rebuilt, the boom in housing estate creates chaos of construction and changes the everyday habits and behavior of the citizens. For old buildings that have lost their functional value but have preserved their historical value; ways and possibilities of use in new qualities with obtaining economic profit are sought, and if such a thing is not found, old buildings are demolished against the will of the citizens. In addition, decommunization processes have been launched in the country, which introduce their own changes, monuments and elements, signs of the previous era, are removed from the public space (and in fact destroyed). I am archiving with photographs the current state of architecture and infrastructure of Kyiv, so that in the future there will be material by which it will be possible to evaluate this era and time.
This project is ongoing and till now I made about 1500 panoramas.
2016 - ongoing ]
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