{ Fragments of War ]
{ Life size scans of munition fragments found in the territory of the Donbas, look like asteroid parts with grooves and bends, whose sharp edges can easily kill or maim anyone on their way from the barrel to the place of impact and spalling. Each fragment has its own history, the circumstances in which I found it; origin, where it came from and how I came by it; place where it was found. We will probably never know which side of the conflict has created it, but after the spalling and impact begins another story begins - a story related to the places, situations, people who were nearby and saw the horror of the war. And now, collecting these fragments piece by piece and compiling a new history which describes what happened during the war, the participation of the people, soldiers, volunteers, citizens - everyone became a fragment that was knocked from his/her place in life and abandoned on the battlefield and up to pile into something new and powerful. The project is ongoing and i plan to collect more and more stories and fragments. Fragments can be actually exhibited with a short description of harmful effect they could make. ┼he photo can be exhibit in huge format on the black for people to see the fragments with its holes and shapes. And physically fragments could be installed to see in frames near to compare with a caption about it's ability to kill and destroy.
2015-2023 ]
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