{ HOMO ]
{ Online communication deprives peoples ability to feel and read emotions and any message can have completely opposite emotional meanings. The digital equivalent of emotions as substitutes for facial expressions is a variety of emojis and smilies.
The human face is a masterpiece of communication technology that has many facial muscles to create emotions and transmit emotional states, set and regulate interaction. The mouth is the functional center of the face, the apparatus of verbalization, the eyes are the visual center - combine the hidden with the demonstrated, the inner state of a person with the external, express non-verbal thoughts. The lips, due to their exquisite sensitivity, become the most intimate part of the face.
It is a project about human nature and interpersonal relationships, about the ways a person perceives himself as it is. How an individual demonstrates emotions meeting his peers and how they further communicate, what channels the human body has for interaction, what external features we differ from each other and whether they are decisive at all.
2020 ]
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