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{ Dmytro Kupriyan

Born 24th of september 1982 in Kyiv.
Worked as a photojournalist at UIIAN.
I start to work on the topic of tortures and for three years i had been doing a project about tortures in ukrainian police (project "TORTURED") then i shift to topic of violence in wide meaning of it making a projects about war in Ukraine ((projects "Fragments of War", "Banality of Agression" and "WHEN THE WAR IS OVER") and later as a conclusion i moved to the topic of dialog in society as a reconciliation making a video about necessarines of Dialog. I try to show that the only way to solve the problem and misunderstanding in societies is the dialog in all meaning of it: verbal, subverbal, physical, etc.
Also I'm interesting in ukrainian historical shipping and sailing on the chaika (which is a name of an old national Ukrainian boat) “SPAS”, built in 2007 by a group of national enthusiasts. I went on a couple of trips with the crew, through Ukraine and to Georgia, and made a set of photographs about that.
Then I spent a year in army as officer and make a pictures during the Ukrainian-Russia conflict in Donbass.

List of exhibitions:
September 2009 - exhibition "TORTURED", Kyiv, "Lenin" club.
December 2012 - report and presentation "TORTURED" in Lawyer Academy, Lviv.
May 2013 - exhibition "TORTURED" during the DOKUDAYS festival, Kyiv.
2012 - honorable mention with project "TORTURED" at FotoVisura Grant 2012.
2012 - shortlisted with project "TORTURED" at Viewbook Photostory 2012.
2013 - shortlisted with project "TORTURED" at Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2013.
July 2013 - exhibition "TORTURED" on the stella of Independence on Maidan of Independence, Kyiv.
January 2015 - published book "MAIDAN".
January 2016 - online exhibition "Fragments of War" on SDN
February 2016 - group exhibition "Moments" in PH21gallery, Budapest.
May 2016 - take a part with selfmade photobook "Fragments of War" and printed photobook "MAIDAN" on Photobook Show in Kyiv.
September 2016 - selfmade photobook "Fragments of War" and printed photobook "MAIDAN" was exhibited on ukrainian stand on Odessa//Batumi Photo Days in Batumi.
2016 - nominee in FAPA contest category "Conceptual photo" with project "Fragments of War".
November 2016 - selfmade photobook "Fragments of War" was exhibited at Polycopies Paris Photo 2016.
February 2017 - second place in photo contest of UKRAINIAN MILITARY PHOTOGRAPHY in "Military life" nomination.
February 2017 - exhibition MAIDAN in Ministry of Health.
April 2017 - my photos of war on Donbas and that was before it now is presented at the National Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II.
May 2017 - represented my selfmade photobook "Fragments of War" on festival Odessa/Batumi Photodays in Odessa, Ukraine.
August 2017 - shortlisted to The Alfred Fried Photography Award with project "When the War is Over"
September 2017 - shortlisted to Unseen Dummy Award with selfmade photobook "Fragments of War"
September 2017 - group exhibition "When the War is Over" on GOGOLFEST festival, Kyiv.
September 2017 - shortlisted to Photo Kyiv contest in nomination documental photography with project "WHEN THE WAR IS OVER".
December 2017 - group exhibition "Personal stories of Revolution of Dignity" in museum "Territory of Terror", Lviv.
April 2018 - group exhibition "Off Limits" during Odesa Photo Days 2018, Odesa.
May 2018 - shortlisted with a selfmade photobook "When the War is Over" to Photometria Awards 2018 festeval, Ioannina, Greece.
November 2018 - personal exhibition "Open new sea" in Hetman museum, Kyiv.
May 2019 - group exhibition "Environment Documenta" Rome, Italy.

Workshop participation:
November 2016 - Other voices, other rooms.
December 2018 - Arts for Human Rights

January 2016 - selfmade photobook "Fragments of War".
March 2017 - scans of fragments from project "Fragments of War" in photobook ".RAW history of changes of ukrainians and army" spread 170-171. ]