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{ Dmytro Kupriyan

Born 24th of september 1982 in Kyiv.
Worked as a photojournalist at UIIAN.
I start to work on the topic of tortures and for three years i had been doing a project about tortures in ukrainian police (project "TORTURED") then i shift to topic of violence in wide meaning of it making a projects about war in Ukraine (projects "Fragments of War", "Banality of Agression" and "WHEN THE WAR IS OVER") and later as a conclusion i moved to the topic of dialog in society as a reconciliation making a video about necessarines of Dialog. I try to show that the only way to solve the problem and misunderstanding in societies is the dialog in all meaning of it: verbal, subverbal, physical, etc.
Also I'm interesting in ukrainian historical shipping and sailing on the chaika (which is a name of an old national Ukrainian boat) SPAS, built in 2007 by a group of national enthusiasts. I went on a couple of trips with the crew, through Ukraine and to Georgia, and made a set of photographs about that.
Then I spent a year in army as officer and make a pictures during the Ukrainian-Russia conflict in Donbass.

List of exhibitions:
January 2023 - group exhibition "Kyiv Emerging" with project "Panoramic Kyiv Archive" at Communal Galerie Berlin, Berlin.
December 2022 - group exhibition with series of photo "36 view of mount Hoverla" at KKKC, Klaipeda.
September 2022 - first place at SUGi & NAVA Contemporary contest with photo from project "HOME"
August 2022 - group exhibition at the "On The Edge Fest" festival with the project "Fragments of War", Okapi Gallery, Tallin.
July 2022 - group exhibition "Umso starker schlagt mein Herz" with project "36 view of mount Hoverla" Kunstraum Kreuzlingen & Tiefparterre, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.
May 2022 - group exhibition "GLORY TO UKRAINE!" with project "Fragments of War" at KOLGA Tbilisi photo festival, Tbilisi, Georgia.
March 2022 - personal exhibition "Fragments of War", nEUROPE gallery, Dresden.
July 2021 - group project and exhibition #365daysafter with project HOMO/, Kyiv.
February 2021 - group exhibition "Visiocracy" with project HOMO/ at Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv.
September 2020 - series "36 views of mount Hoverla" represented at "Sheptytsky Biennale" UKU, Lviv, Ukraine.
July 2020 - group exhibition "KREAtive Perspectives" with series "36 views of mount Hoverla" at KF Gallery, Seoul.
June 2020 project HOME at personal exhibition at NATO Liaison Office (NLO) Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.
March 2020 - group exhibition "Environment of existence. MANIFEST 2020" by WWF-Ukraine at Lavra gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
December 2019 - group exhibition "Alchemy of Motivation" at Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv.
October 2019 - personal exhibition Fragments of War at EastFotoGallery gallery, Grunvald, Germany.
September 2019 - project HOME at Kyiv Photo Week 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine.
September 2019 - personal exhibition "WHEN THE WAR IS OVER", IZON, Kyiv.
September 2019 - represented at II Kyiv Photo Book fair, Kyiv.
September 2019 - group exhibition "MIRROR LAND" Batumi, Georgia.
May 2019 - Honorable Mention at Annual Photography Awards Competition with project HOME.
May 2019 - group exhibition at "Environment Documenta" Rome, Italy.
February 2019 - represented at Kyiv Photo Book fair, Kyiv.
November 2018 - personal exhibition "Open new sea" in Hetman museum, Kyiv.
May 2018 - shortlisted with a selfmade photobook "When the War is Over" to Photometria Awards 2018 festeval, Ioannina, Greece.
April 2018 - group exhibition "Off Limits" during Odesa Photo Days 2018, Odesa.
December 2017 - group exhibition "Personal stories of Revolution of Dignity" in museum "Territory of Terror", Lviv.
September 2017 - shortlisted to Photo Kyiv contest in nomination documental photography with project "WHEN THE WAR IS OVER".
September 2017 - group exhibition "When the War is Over" on GOGOLFEST festival, Kyiv.
September 2017 - shortlisted to Unseen Dummy Award with selfmade photobook "Fragments of War"
August 2017 - shortlisted to The Alfred Fried Photography Award with project "When the War is Over"
May 2017 - represented my selfmade photobook "Fragments of War" on festival Odessa/Batumi Photodays in Odessa, Ukraine.
April 2017 - my photos of war on Donbas and that was before it now is presented at the National Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II.
February 2017 - exhibition MAIDAN in Ministry of Health.
February 2017 - second place in photo contest of UKRAINIAN MILITARY PHOTOGRAPHY in "Military life" nomination.
November 2016 - selfmade photobook "Fragments of War" was exhibited at Polycopies Paris Photo 2016.
2016 - nominee in FAPA contest category "Conceptual photo" with project "Fragments of War".
September 2016 - selfmade photobook "Fragments of War" and printed photobook "MAIDAN" was exhibited on ukrainian stand on Odessa//Batumi Photo Days in Batumi.
May 2016 - take a part with selfmade photobook "Fragments of War" and printed photobook "MAIDAN" on Photobook Show in Kyiv.
February 2016 - group exhibition "Moments" in PH21gallery, Budapest.
January 2016 - online exhibition "Fragments of War" on SDN
January 2015 - published book "MAIDAN".
July 2013 - exhibition "TORTURED" on the stella of Independence on Maidan of Independence, Kyiv.
2013 - shortlisted with project "TORTURED" at Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2013.
May 2013 - exhibition "TORTURED" during the DOKUDAYS festival, Kyiv.
2012 - shortlisted with project "TORTURED" at Viewbook Photostory 2012.
2012 - honorable mention with project "TORTURED" at FotoVisura Grant 2012.
December 2012 - report and presentation "TORTURED" in Lawyer Academy, Lviv.
September 2009 - exhibition "TORTURED", Kyiv, "Lenin" club.

Workshop participation:
November 2016 - Other voices, other rooms, PhotoCult, Kyiv.
December 2018 - Arts for Human Rights, American House, Kyiv.

January 2015 - photobook "MAIDAN".
January 2016 - selfmade photobook "Fragments of War".
March 2017 - scans of fragments from project "Fragments of War" in photobook ".RAW history of changes of ukrainians and army" spread 170-171. ]