{ Fragments of War ]
{ It is part of my selfmade photobook Fragments of War.

Submunition Fragments of military weapon in natural size that have been found on the territory of Donbass, are like pieces of asteroids with grooves and bends, whose sharp edges can easily kill or maim anyone and his rapid journey from the barrel to explode and dispersion.

Each piece has its own history, the circumstances in which he was found by me; origin, the way i got it; place where he was found. We have probably never know which side of the conflict has created them, but in the future, after the dispersion, begins another story related to the places, situations, people who were nearby and saw the horror of what is called war.

And now collecting these Fragments of War piece by piece and making a new story which describes what happened during the war, the personal participation of the people, soldiers, volunteers, citizens - everyone became Fragments of War that was knocked out of his place in life and abandoned on the battlefield.

Size: 300220 mm.

Number of pages: 64

Semi-hard cover

Bind with duct tape

Black pages, hand written text.

Year of publication: 2016

Year of creation: 2019

Language: english

Edition of 200 ]
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